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Set Duo


Your new garden companions !

This pack consists of a RootSlayer™ and a Handy RootSlayer™ which are indispensable tools for removing roots in your garden.

Very robust, the RootSlayer™ and the Handy RootSlayer™ will allow you to work very QUICKLY and very EFFECTIVELY while resisting shocks so that you can uproot in all SIMPLICITY:

  • A RootSlayer™ : Thanks to its sharp end and sharp sides, you will be able to carry out a MULTITUDE OF GARDEN WORKS. You will be able to dig, saw, cut, slice, move and rake. 


  • A Handy RootSlayer™: You will never find a more ROUGH hand tool for pulling up roots and difficult soil than this one. This tool is PRACTICAL, SOLID and INDISPENSIVE.

Voted best gardening tool 2019/2020

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Winner of the Green Thumb Award 2017.

+68000 Customers -4.9/5 ⭐⭐⭐