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RootSlayer™ Precision Set

RootSlayer™ Precision Set

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VAT Included

This pack is composed of 3 multifunction tools essential for a garden maintenance of quality and precision :

  • RootSlayer™: Designed in the shape of a spade, the RootSlayer™ is sharpened at the end and set in at the sides to allow a multitude of garden jobs, jobs that required several tools. Its carbon steel shape and design gives the product a very high level of quality. You will be able to dig, saw, cut, slice, move, rake.
  • Handy RootSlayer™: We developed a new flared handle for more comfort, adapted the shape of the RootSlayer™ to make it a handheld RootSlayer™, added a notch to cut the string that also serves as a bottle opener and offered a durable nylon case to carry it.
    You'll never find a stronger hand tool for digging up roots and difficult soil than this one. This tool is PRACTICAL,  STURDY and INDISPENSABLE. 

  • RootSlayer Edger™: Made from a comfortable, latex-free thermoplastic elastomer, overmolded on polypropylene, the RootSlayer Edger™ Trimmer will allow you to CUT A PERFECT LINE in the lawn or recover the clean edge of your sidewalk or driveway. 


Dimension RootSlayer™ : 

  • Length : 2,37 inch 
  • Width : 10,63 inch 
  • Height : 44,49 inch


Dimension Handy RootSlayer™ : 

  • Length : 12,68 inch
  • Width : 3,75 inch
  • Height : 1,78 inch 


Dimension RootSlayer Edger™ :

  • Head size : 10,08 x 6,11 inch 
  • Sleeve size : 33,27 inch
  • Product size : 10,08 x 39,38 inch