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RootSlayer™ Perennial Shovel

RootSlayer™ Perennial Shovel

VAT Included

RootSlayer™ is expanding its range and INTRODUCING its NEW perennial shovel version.

This, combines ALL functions of the ORIGINAL RootSlayer™ with a shorter head for precision work in solid and small surfaces.

It is also ultra-resistant with notched blades and an inverted V-shaped cutting blade at the end.

Lighter, it OFFERS a multitude of functions: digging, sawing, cutting, slicing, moving, raking becomes much easier and less tiring for you!


The carbon steel blade makes this tool highly resistant to impact. Thanks to the resin-coated fibreglass handle and a patented latex-free thermoplastic handle, these compositions give you optimum comfort and CHOCS absorption.


If you are looking for a PROFESSIONAL GARDEN TOOLS WITH EASY USING, the RootSlayer™ Perennial Shovel is for you!


  • Head Size: 7,49 x 9 inch
  • Sleeve Size : 34,51 inch
  • Product Size : 7,49 x 43,31 inch

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