Robust Set RootSlayer™

Robust Set RootSlayer™

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This pack is made up of 3 multifunction tools that are resistant and handy and will offer you precision work while accompanying you in all your work. Take pleasure in gardening with this kit consisting of a : 

  •  RootSlayer™: Designed in the shape of a spade, the RootSlayer™ is sharpened at the end and set in at the sides to allow a multitude of garden jobs, jobs that required several tools. Its carbon steel shape and design gives the product a very high level of quality. You will be able to dig, saw, cut, slice, move, rake.
  • RootSlayer™ Perennial Shovel™: This tool combines the functions of RootSlayer™ but with a shorter head for precision work in massive and small areas.lighter, it allows a multitude of functions: digging, sawing, cutting, slicing, moving, raking becomes much easier and less tiring for you! The carbon steel blade of the RootSlayer™ Perennial Shovel makes this tool highly resistant to impact. Thanks to the resin-coated fibreglass handle and a patented latex-free thermoplastic handle, these compositions provide you with optimum comfort and shock absorption.

  • The one shot shovel RootSlayer™: The shape of the blade of The one shot shovel RootSlayer™ is very useful for working on all surfaces. This excavator has an extra wide raised front foot rest to reduce tension, improve balance and make it easier to use. It is ideal for digging trenches and cutting grass in one go with the added benefits of cleaner, neater shovelling work. The excavator has many practical uses and can be used as a round point excavator with extra capacity.


Dimension RootSlayer™ : 

  • Length : 2,37 inch 
  • Width : 10,63 inch 
  • Height : 44,49 inch


Dimension Perennial Shovel™ : 

  • Head Size: 7,49 x 9 inch
  • Sleeve Size : 34,51 inch
  • Product Size : 7,49 x 43,31 inch


Dimension The One Shot Shovel™ : 

  • Head size : 9,06 inch 
  • Sleeve size : 33,08 inch
  • Product size : 9,06 x 43,31 inch