The one shot shovel RootSlayer™

The one shot shovel RootSlayer™

VAT Included

The one shot shovel RootSlayer™ has a wider blade than most others, as well as a slightly cupped shape. Older people might recognise it as being close to what used to be called a "sand shovel". Nowadays, this term is rather reserved for children's toys, but we can assure you that it is not a toy. The shape of the blade is indeed very useful for working on any surface. The real beauty of this excavator is that it works well in all conditions, can be used all day long by professionals and does not break like most of today's excavators. The one shot shovel RootSlayer™ has an extra-large raised front footrest to reduce tension, improve balance and make it easier to use.


It is ideal for digging trenches and cutting grass in one go with the added benefits of cleaner, neater shovelling work.

The excavator has many practical uses and can be used as a round point excavator with additional capacities.


  • Head size : 9,06 inch 
  • Sleeve size : 33,08 inch
  • Product size : 9,06 x 43,31 inch