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Handheld RootSlayer + Ergonomic Hand Cultivator

Handheld RootSlayer + Ergonomic Hand Cultivator

£35.99 Regular Price
£28.99Sale Price
VAT Included
  • Hand-held Rootslayer : Use to pull roots out of difficult soil. It can also be used to cut string and open bottles.
  • Ergonomic hand cultivator : Featuring claw-like teeth, it's perfect for turning over soil and uprooting weeds.
  • High-quality materials : the shape and design of the aluminium claws give the product strength and durability to satisfy even the most demanding gardeners. This material also means it won't rust.
  • Multifunctional : Professional-quality multifunctional tool.
  • Scope of delivery : 1 Hand-held RootSlayer + 1 Ergonomic hand cultivator 

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