SET - The RootSlayer™ + The RootSlayer™  Edger

SET - The RootSlayer™ + The RootSlayer™  Edger

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The RootSlayer™ + The RootSlayer™  Edger.


This set consists of: 

- A RootSlayer™: Designed in the shape of a spade the RootSlayer™ is sharpened on its end and bored on the sides to allow a multitude of garden work, work that required several tools. Its carbon steel shape and design gives the product a very high level of quality. You will be able to dig, saw, cut, slice, move and rake.

- A RootSlayer Edger™:  made from a comfortable, latex-free thermoplastic elastomer, overmolded on polypropylene the RootSlayer Dresse Bordure™ will allow you to CUT A PERFECT LINE in the lawn or recover the clean edge of your pavement or driveway.

RootSlayer™ dimension: 
Length: 6cm 
Width: 113cm 
Height: 27cm 

Dimension RootSlayer™ Edger: 
Head size: 25,6 x 15,5cm 
Handle Size: 84.5cm
Product size: 25.6 x 100cm